Physical culture

"Body Fascism" and Me

What better image to encapsulate muscular fascism than an Arno Breker statue? As I have repeatedly stated in my past writing, I am something of a “disgruntled leftist”, which is […]

New on ROK: 4 Ab Exercises

Who doesn’t want stronger abs? After all, the core is the originator of all motion. Plus, aesthetics if that’s what you’re into. My new Return of Kings article is about […]

Geriatric Porn: The Workout!

Well, this is a thing that happened. Academy Award Winning Actress Dame Angela Lansbury made a workout video that honestly comes off as some sort of bizarre solo porn video. […]

New on ROK: Improvised Weapons

My new article on Return of Kings is about improvised weapons…from a defensive perspective of course. How to identify commonly used improvised weapons, and how to avoid and defend against […]

New on ROK: Old Man Fitness!

The ravages of time come for all of us. Time passes, people move…like the river’s flow, it never ends. Ahem, nerdery and childhood nostalgia aside, an important facet of keeping […]

New on Return of Kings: Soy!

My new article is about soy, why it’s so prevalent, and why you should try to avoid it. Soy. The boogeyman of masculine men everywhere. Indeed, the term “soy” (and […]