Slutdom is Not Inevitable

I took her out to a sleazy hookah bar, and we ennobled the obscure establishment with our dapper dress and demeanor. Throughout the night, we had a wonderful conversation over […]

An Important Announcement

All people reading this blog, I want to make this announcement to you. That announcement is that I have decided upon a complete revamping of this blog’s mission statement. Plenty […]

The Art of Love by Ovid

Before I can review Ovid: Robert Heinlein once said that “every generation thinks that they invented sex”-that’s certainly true of both the generation that idolized Heinlein’s Stranger In A Strange […]

Threesomes Are a Bit Overrated

Every man dreams of having threesomes, essentially from the time that he first begins to understand his burgeoning sexuality. Images of barbarian chieftains, decadent business tycoons and other sundry alpha […]