What To Do When a Woman Demands a Baby

In a man’s sexual endeavors, he may eventually come across a woman that seems completely different from the barren, childless harridans that are utterly ubiquitous in the once-hallowed halls of Western civilization. This girl is warm, loving, eager to please you sexually, and, most shockingly of all, she’s expressed interest in having a baby. A little too interested…

In other words, this hypothetical woman wants you to pump a baby into her now-no marriage, no settling down, no deliberation, just immediate fertilization. Naturally, this will provide a bit of a conundrum for you, the man who is starting to turn away from the faux-gleeful nihilism of modern life. On the one hand, you do want to raise a family and live as the stern-but-loving patriarch that you imagine yourself to be. But on the other hand, you (hopefully) have a realistic view of the strains of rearing a child, and you thus want to err on the side of caution.

As someone who has been in this situation, I will say that there is only one good option to take when you are propositioned in this manner:

Drop that bitch like a bad habit! I hate to use such blunt and crude terminology, but I can’t stress this enough—that girl is going to hurt you in the long run, and you need to remove yourself from her presence. I don’t care how good the sex is, or how much she caters to your ego, get out of there yesterday.

As I stated above, while I do support people having kids generally, and people in our corner of the internet having kids specifically, one also notices that “The Cathedral”, essentially, subsidizes the most dysfunctional and lowest-achieving members of society to have children (yes, I’m aware the woman in the last link did not actually have children. The fact that she was able to lie about having children to get such a large amount of money proves my point).

This, combined with a general decline in social cohesion (note the rise in broken homes) and the always-fantastic (I’m not using it as a superlative) media portraying this idea that “babies fix bad relationships”, has led many women, especially younger women, to have a wildly unrealistic concept of raising a child. Hell, it’s becoming increasingly common to celebrate the act of just GIVING BIRTH to a child (something that every sexually reproducing animal species on the planet is capable of doing) as some sort of heroic action—even if the child is born out of wedlock, and especially as long as those children are capable of ushering in the new progressive world we’re supposed to be living in (why yes, an overwhelming majority of some types of mixed race children ARE born out of wedlock!).

Knowing all of this, it’s no surprise that some young women of today have an idealized view of child-rearing: who wouldn’t want to be constantly told how heroic and brave they are just for having a baby?

However, I think it’s pretty clear why you shouldn’t just impregnate the first woman who allows you to penetrate her vagina. The biggest reason being that you may very well be not financially capable of raising children. To give you an idea about my personal experience, at the time this woman told me she wanted to have a child with me, I was working in a museum for 10 dollars an hour and living with my parents, and she was unemployed. Just to repeat that: she was under the impression that we could raise a family on 10 dollars an hour.

This leads directly into the second part of why you should separate yourself from a woman like this: if she’s falling for the “babies make everything better” lies that the media propagates, chances are she’s not the sharpest tool in the drawer. Granted, someone who gets all of their opinions from the mass media in general is not a particularly intelligent individual (and thus you should be wary of them), but the fact that she shows herself to be completely incapable of doing basic arithmetic and succumbed to an r-selected behavioral pattern should outweigh any physical attraction you have for her.

(Besides, it’s not like America needs any more people being born to ignorant, mathematically unsound people—it has plenty!)

Regardless of whether or not you fully believe Anonymous Conservative’s application of r/K selection theory to politics, r/K is a legitimately used theory used by zoologists to analyze population dynamics in animal populations, and it’s not a huge leap to believe that if, say, chimpanzees can have different behavioral patterns based on a variety of external factors, then groups of human beings, both historically and currently, can also have different reproductive patterns, amongst other behavioral differences.

(In terms of our simian cousins, r/K is best applied to comparisons of bonobos versus chimpanzees, respectively. Whether or not the bonobo’s degree of speciation from the chimpanzee is comparable to the differences between human populations is a whole different matter).

If you’re reading this website, you likely come from a long line of K-behavioral men investing lots of time and effort (if not money) on a relatively small brood of children, to maximize their chances of survival and reproduction in a harsh world. This is in contrast to r-selection which is a trend of having many kids with many women and just hoping that some of them survive with a minimum of investment. And while you can very well argue modern society encourages us to be r-selected, if you are here on this website you have undoubtedly rejected those lies.

So what is to be done with this hypothetical woman? I’ve already given you the answer in a broad sense, but some of my younger readers may be asking—how do I separate from her?

In my opinion, you can’t beat just sitting her down, looking her in the eye, and telling her that you don’t have the money to have a baby and you feel that she would be a mediocre excuse for a mother. Try explaining r/K to her for a laugh. If I know this sort of woman, she’ll cry and scream and make a big stink out of the whole matter (because she REALLY wants that baby), but if you’ve been training your resilience as I’ve taught you, you should be able to sustain this assault. Then tell her “it’s over”, and just ride out the storm. And that’s really all there is to it.

The anger and shame of being chewed out by a woman will last a few days, but the human life you create will likely be with you until the day you die. Don’t make any stupid decisions, and find a girl that isn’t an idiot.