Physical culture

The Human Flag: The Video!

Do you remember my article on Return of Kings about the human flag? It’s back—in video form! Before we can actually start doing the clutch flag, we have to learn […]

The Many Uses Of Vinegar

Remember the article I wrote a while back about the many uses of baking soda? Of course you do, and hopefully you have already implemented at least a few of […]

New on ROK: Tabata Intervals

I have a new Return of Kings article on tabata interval training: a highly intense cardiovascular workout that you can do in just 20 minutes. Perfect for people that hate […]

New on Return of Kings: Squats!

After being given the greenlight to do non-fitness related articles by Roosh, I’ve nonetheless decided to return to the old wheelhouse and do an article on the basic barbell squat. […]