New on ROK: Improvised Weapons

My new article on Return of Kings is about improvised weapons…from a defensive perspective of course. How to identify commonly used improvised weapons, and how to avoid and defend against them.

So, how’s about that political situation? You certainly don’t need me to tell you that political violence is on the rise—I’ve already written two articles on this. Some would also argue that violent crime in general is on the rise as well.

In response to this political violence, the police are starting to get more involved—somewhat unevenly, of course, but involved nonetheless. Thus, weapons are no longer allowed to be carried willy-nilly into protests. So, keeping that in mind, this article today will teach you that many of your foes will use four easy to improvise and easy to use improvised weapons, that you will probably see at some point should you be involved in political street fighting.

I repeat, most of these weapons can seriously injure or kill somebody, so NEVER use these unless somebody has pulled a weapon on you!

…A favorite of English soccer “firms”—and yes, I did refer to it as soccer deliberately—[the millwall brick] is not the most effective weapon, but it is simple, cheap, and better than using your bare fist on somebody’s head.

To begin with, grab a newspaper. If you can’t get a newspaper, get as many sheets of heavy paper as you can—construction paper, a magazine, or even printer paper if all else fails. Place your papers on a flat surface. From here you can “load” the paper in two ways. You can moisten the paper (emphasis on MOISTEN, not soak. It has to stay in one piece like paper mache), or place a small rock or a load of pennies in the center of the top paper. Once you’ve prepared the stack in the way you’d prefer, begin rolling it up lengthwise. Roll it as tight as possible.

Once you have ruled it up into a tube, fold it in half lengthwise. That’s it!

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