April 2016

Stop Buying Plastic Crap

In actuality, the meaning of this article can be taken to mean “stop buying useless stuff you don’t need and live a lifestyle of reduced material possessions”, but I decided […]

Presenting the Arduour System

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are all familiar with Crossfit, Mudding, natural movement, and many other alternate types of fitness training. This article today will reveal my idea for a brand […]

How to Roundhouse Kick

It’s memetic fame aside, the roundhouse is a kick you ought to be learning: it’s relatively quick, non-telegraphed, and hits all targets hard, from the ankle all the way to […]

An Important Announcement

All people reading this blog, I want to make this announcement to you. That announcement is that I have decided upon a complete revamping of this blog’s mission statement. Plenty […]