Reagan Was A Shitty President

With all the talk of Trump abandoning his campaign promises (and I’m certainly upset at that myself), and the diminishing fervor for the “god emperor”, there’s another right-wing “sacred cow” I’d […]

On Richard Spencer and NPI

Over the previous weekend at the annual National Policy Institute “Become Who We Are” gathering, Richard Spencer (pictured above, the man who runs Radix Journal, a website that I regularly […]

Might I Suggest Flogging?

Yes sirree, kids, it’s time for another article where Larsen discusses politics and anthropology-because you can’t be a barbaric gentleman without having rhetoric that you can utilize to verbally slap […]

The Femininity Of Feminists

As most people are aware, there is a little bit of controversy going on over the upcoming Ghostbusters movie/remake/reboot. This controversy revolves around whether or not criticisms of the film […]