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This category page contains all of the videos and podcasts I have made and published on this site (namely my martial arts and fitness tutorials, and a few of my video review side projects), as well as any appearances that I have made on podcasts, video casts, and other media made by other websites and Youtube channels.

I utilize Youtube and Dailymotion to host my media, as do most of the people I collaborate with. The collaborators I have worked with include New Media Central (linked here) and Minority Right (linked here). As to be expected, any future appearances I make on other videos and podcast will be listed in this category page.

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PUAssholes #6: Tucker Max

Not satisfied with taking down one pillar of traditional pick-up, I’m going after the not-quite-6-feet-tall Tucker Max today. The rise, the fall, the incompetent use of Astroglide. It’s all here! […]

Ashida Kim Ninjutsu (Kung Fail)

Yeah, I’ve talked about the man before, but this time I’ve devoted a whole video to the hacky incompetence of Radford “Ashida Kim” Davis. More importantly, this video marks the […]

This week’s martial arts tutorial is on the back sweep. A move that everybody knows from movies and video games, the back leg sweep just looks cool, doesn’t it. That’s […]