Videos and Podcasts

This category page contains all of the videos and podcasts I have made and published on this site (namely my martial arts and fitness tutorials, and a few of my video review side projects), as well as any appearances that I have made on podcasts, video casts, and other media made by other websites and Youtube channels.

I utilize Youtube and Dailymotion to host my media, as do most of the people I collaborate with. The collaborators I have worked with include New Media Central (linked here) and Minority Right (linked here). As to be expected, any future appearances I make on other videos and podcast will be listed in this category page.

Since you are at this category page viewing my videos, please subscribe to my Youtube channel, Dailymotion channel, and also subscribe to the people who have so graciously allowed me to appear on their shows as well.

Toxic Femininity and MakeApp

So I have a new video about the recent brouhaha over the MakeApp. If you follow the memeosphere, the hot trending topics, you’ve probably heard about a little app called, […]

Male Feminism: The Video

My new video is, essentially, an audio/visual version of last week’s popular Return of Kings article asking why men who subscribe to feminism are always complete pieces of shit. I […]

Listen to me w/Donovan Sharpe!

Yesterday, I went on Donovan Sharpe’s podcast/livestream The Sharpe Reality, and we discussed martial arts, fitness, and many other topics relevant to both our websites. For those not aware, Donovan […]

Iron Body For Beginners

Two videos this week? Yes, indeed! Technically, this one is a condensed video version of a previous article I’ve done, but what the hey, you desperately wanted to see me […]