Videos and Podcasts

This category page contains all of the videos and podcasts I have made and published on this site (namely my martial arts and fitness tutorials, and a few of my video review side projects), as well as any appearances that I have made on podcasts, video casts, and other media made by other websites and Youtube channels.

I utilize Youtube and Dailymotion to host my media, as do most of the people I collaborate with. The collaborators I have worked with include New Media Central (linked here) and Minority Right (linked here). As to be expected, any future appearances I make on other videos and podcast will be listed in this category page.

Since you are at this category page viewing my videos, please subscribe to my Youtube channel, Dailymotion channel, and also subscribe to the people who have so graciously allowed me to appear on their shows as well.

The Education of an Anti-SJW

Once again, I appeared on Bernard Chapin’s podcast. More accurately, it was on his December 29th podcast, titled “The Education of an Anti-SJW”, as the title of this blog post […]

How to Wrap Your Hands

Wrapping your hands is a skill that any martial artist should learn. While I do typically prefer to practice bare-fisted (for the same reason I like to have sex without […]