Videos and Podcasts

Yes, it’s time for another video from Larsen’s vault: an anti-rapist self-defense video intended with the ladies in mind—and it’s made by the father of the guy who played Scorpion […]

Toxic Femininity and MakeApp

So I have a new video about the recent brouhaha over the MakeApp. If you follow the memeosphere, the hot trending topics, you’ve probably heard about a little app called, […]

Male Feminism: The Video

My new video is, essentially, an audio/visual version of last week’s popular Return of Kings article asking why men who subscribe to feminism are always complete pieces of shit. I […]

Listen to me w/Donovan Sharpe!

Yesterday, I went on Donovan Sharpe’s podcast/livestream The Sharpe Reality, and we discussed martial arts, fitness, and many other topics relevant to both our websites. For those not aware, Donovan […]