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How To Do A Side Kick

Before I go into the details: Yes, I put “side kick” into Google Image Search and got pages of shitty phones and nothing related to the actual martial arts technique. […]

Introducing Fist Flicks

For the past month or so, I have had shin splints, which has kept me from moving around too much, and, more importantly for you, kept me from producing my […]

How to: Hook and Uppercut.

Completing the set of basic punches, the hook and uppercut are short-range punches that are thrown with hip and shoulder whirl. Hook:  Stand in the standard stance, whirl the hips, […]

The first of presumably not too many posts about tying knots. Pretty much everything is said in the video, but for those that learn better from reading, here’s written instructions: […]

Kagero and Soft Music

In this article today, I wish to introduce you to a band that you have undoubtedly never heard of: Kagero. Hailing from my home state of New Jersey, the “Japanese […]