How to Roundhouse Kick

It’s memetic fame aside, the roundhouse is a kick you ought to be learning: it’s relatively quick, non-telegraphed, and hits all targets hard, from the ankle all the way to […]

An Important Announcement

All people reading this blog, I want to make this announcement to you. That announcement is that I have decided upon a complete revamping of this blog’s mission statement. Plenty […]

New ROK article on gym class

Gym class sucks, don’t it? Especially when you compare the useless gym classes of today to what high school kids of yesteryear were going through. Anybody who went to public school […]

The Art of Love by Ovid

Before I can review Ovid: Robert Heinlein once said that “every generation thinks that they invented sex”-that’s certainly true of both the generation that idolized Heinlein’s Stranger In A Strange […]