A Debunking Overview of Cultural Marxist talking points: Part 5.5

Chapter 5.5: “Dad, I am homosex”

Hooray for referencing old internet image macros. Anyway, I wanted to talk a little bit about this, because those of alternate lifestyles are currently the cause of choice for the progressive global machine valiant underdogs (ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER). But I don’t think I really have enough to write a full chapter.

I want to make it clear: I have nothing against their sexual practices. If you like having sex with men, that’s your business, and I could not care less. Ditto for those who want to shred their penises and turn them into vaginas. What you do with your body is entirely your right.

But as I’ve stated in a previous chapter, I don’t think the LGBT brigade is nearly as oppressed as they think they are. The US Government and several of the wealthiest corporations in the world support them, and those entities are not exactly a “Ragtag band of misfits”. Who’s going to oppose that overwhelming force? The church? Hardly. The church is not nearly as powerful as you think it is (“…at most, 10% of Americans define themselves as young Earth creationists). And America is probably the strongest enclave of religiosity in the First World today (in other words, religion is not strong in the first world)

No, the gays are part of the progressive coalition too (which somehow includes demographics that, shall we say, aren’t very tolerant of homosexuals…nevermind the fact that this same demographic regularly engages in homosexual practices, but that’s a completely different story that will not be discussed here). This means there has to be occasional fearmongering about “evil white heterosexual oppressors” to keep the coalition together (that usually end up being false, as mentioned previously the amount of LGBT murders in the US each year are statistically insignificant).

I’d also like point out that they’re not adverse to using bad science and hypocritical arguments as well: progressives argue that homosexuality (unlike race), is 100% genetic and can’t possibly have a root in nurture…but sexuality is also fluid and we’re all REALLY a certain percentage gay (According to Dr. Kinsey who was-surprise!-making it up as he went along, just like Mead and Boas.)

And of course, we’re not allowed to mention the fact that some aspects of their culture may, in fact, be a bit different from mainstream society. Ignoring the fact that some homosexual intellectuals have actually advocated polygamous relationships in a direct affront to “WASP American monogamy”, I’ll just let the phrase “bug chaser” speak for itself (Harris, W, Slouching Towards Gaytheism NYU Press, 2014) (incidentally, that is the only aspect of the gay community that I can honestly say makes me recoil).

To reiterate, I am not saying these behaviors should be banned at all, it’s their right to do whatever they want between consenting adults. I just feel that all of the facts should be taken into account for any given topic of inquiry, and facts should inform discussion. Because that’s what a scientist does. Remember, progs? You’re supposed to “fucking love science” (or maybe you just “love science” as some abstract entity to snub the church, rather than actually using the scientific method and thorough data analysis). I’m not going to get into the myriad of scientists that have been pilloried for going against the progressive legion, completely overshadowing their Nobel Prize-winning accomplishments.

In the words of real life homosexual Jack Donovan (hey look, Gawker, I’ve quoted a homo repeatedly through this paper! See? I’m not a homophobe!), perhaps the reason that homosexuality (or more accurately the modern stereotype of homosexuality) has been viewed with disdain is because many (not all) of these men and women appear to go out of their way to reject the traditional traits of their sex and embrace the opposite (a sort of gender “Uncanny Valley”), and thus serve (perhaps unintentionally) as the shock troopers for the feminist pipe dream of an androgynous future. That seems more plausible to me then disliking them purely because they have sex with each other in the privacy of their homes. And it seems a lot more plausible to me then assuming that any criticism of the gay lifestyle is REALLY because the critic is secretly gay (as I’m sure will be slung at me, despite the fact that my criticism is hardly critical at all. By the way, that’s nice and tolerant how you’re using accusations of homosexuality as an insult, progressives)

Of course, the progressives donn’t approve of his writing (although I notice that quite a few actual gay writers spoke respectfully of it even if they didn’t agree with it on a personal level), and meanwhile Dan Savage (an infinitely inferior writer who goes out of his way to embrace the above stereotypes) roosters his way to fame and fortune. Because god forbid somebody say something critical about gay culture, even an actual homosexual. We have to maintain the coalition of the righteous, don’tcha know.

That’s another big criticism I have of the progressives, and I can’t believe I didn’t touch on this before: they praise diversity and all that, but diversity of opinion? No, we can’t have that. We especially can’t have any “oppressed minorities” espousing a different opinion to what the progressive party line is. And yes, I speak from experience here.

And now, seeing as homosexuality is basically accepted in the first world (yes, even in THE BIBLE BELT!!!1), the progressives have moved onto the trans community to champion. And again, if you want to look (kind of) like a woman, that’s your business, get the surgery. However, let’s not pretend that you’re a real woman. Sex determining chromosomes, ever hear of them? And that’s not getting into the endocrinological funhouse that all of the androgen/estrogen injections brings (you know what’s another name for “Androgen injection”? “Taking steroids”). I’m polite enough that in face to face conversation, I wouldn’t bring attention to your jutting lantern jaw and 55 inch shoulders crammed into a sundress.

I have my doubts, however, about whether or not getting surgery is the right thing to do for these people (or rather for the vast majority of them that are not biologically intersexed, Klinefelter’s Expressive, or any of the actual medical conditions that might require gender reassignment surgery)-evidence suggests mental illness is more prevalent amongst them then the general population. It’s almost as if people that think they’re the opposite sex are not neurotypical, and encouraging it in young children is a bad idea (as any neurologist could tell you, the brain does not fully develop until around the age of 24). Perhaps counseling would be more beneficial to these people? After all, sex change regret is a documented phenomenon. As several of my links in this section come from outside the US, it is clear to me that what goes on here is going on there.

And so, having read the last 5 and a half chapters, and seeing how much of modern “proper thinking” is demonstrably wrong, perhaps you can understand why, after being subject to so much debunking,  I no longer consider myself a progressive.

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