Musings on the American Dream

I don’t know when it started, but I recently realized a concept that disturbed me:

I realized I have grown to utterly hate the phrase “The American Dream”.

I’m hardly the only one who feels this way: I have had many a smug European tourist or exchange student lecture me on how the concept “enables [your] worst excesses”, “shows [your] utter arrogance”, and other phrases they quoted verbatim from the writings of some American Marxist. So, to clarify, I’d like to explain the concept, the way I always understood it:

The American Dream simply referred to the idea that, as the USA was a nation without aristocracy or caste, a man had the possibility of social mobility and achievement, as long as he had the ability to do so, and the willingness to labor for it. That is all the concept is-note there is nothing about “Keeping Up With the Joneses”, nor is there anything about being entitled to anything.

Indeed, the concept of social mobility and the decline of aristocracy, which was once something legitimately unique about America, has become rather ubiquitous in liberal democracies around the world. Thus, one would have assumed the phrase would have quietly died a dignified death like the many other philosophical concepts that have run their course.

But, like normal cell growth metastasizing and becoming cancerous cell growth, the “American Dream” lives on, after having long out-lived its course. As much as I hate to say it, the Europeans are right about it as it is today-a nation in which venal, hustling bastards with no skill beyond being venal, hustling bastards can become exorbitantly wealthy and famous (whether I am referring to reality television stars, or Social Justice hucksters is up for you to decide) is not a nation worthy of respect, and embodies how loathsome this entire concept has become.

More damningly, the Dream is used to justify any aspect of social engineering that the Powers That Be want to push-“We need to use the United States as a dumping ground for the rest of the world-because it’s not like there’s anything worthwhile there, it’s just a big economic zone! Besides, the American Dream, even for people that aren’t American citizens! They’re Americans-To-Be!” It seems quite obvious to me why the endless push for more and more amnesty for illegal immigrants is referred to as the “DREAM Act”, and those seeking to exploit it are always referred to as “DREAMers”-to evoke warm ‘n fuzzy feelings of “the American Dream”.

And is it so much of a stretch to assume that the media may very well push transsexuals as the latest group of “poor, tired, and hungry yearning to breathe free”? Considering how the Republican Party immediately prostrated itself before Bruce Jenner’s feet, and is rattling its saber at Russia specifically because of their anti-LGBT policies, we may already be at that point.

This is all part of how the idea of equality of opportunity, or “leveling the playing field”, has long since become the idea of “force everybody to have equal results at all costs”, because, like, all men are created equal and stuff. And naturally, this concept is always wrapped in rhetoric of “helping people achieve their American Dream.”

In other words: the idea is that the history and culture of the United States is nothing but a loathsome, repugnant black stain upon the Earth, and completely unique in its wrongdoing (didn’t you know that the United States is literally the only country in the history of the world made by one group of people conquering another group of people? It’s also literally the only country in the history of the world to have slavery at some point in its history!) The only saving grace of THAT COUNTRY are the ideals governing it, which must be constantly referred to at all times. For you see, the United States has an obligation to be the world’s dumping ground. Because only that way can it atone for its sins. 

Admittedly, racial and ethnic prejudice in the United States certainly existed, and made society unequal to an extent, but even the likes of de Tocqueville and other foreign visitors noted how prevalent the ideals of equality were in pre-Civil War America, and how the elected officials actually did what the people wanted, favorably comparing the USA to his own European experience (much of which was still under autocracy). Needless to say, many of the habits of American culture and politics that de Tocqueville praises have since deteriorated.

I have long argued that, had the Founding Fathers replaced “all men are created equal” with an explicit declaration of “all men are equal under the law”, a lot of the “keeping up with the Joneses” nonsense that this culture produces would be eliminated. But, their failure to clarify that concept is, in my opinion, a reason why all of the left-wing nonsense of the modern world comes from the United States-intersectionality and the “Oppression Olympics”, of course, centers around the fact that some minority groups are less financially and scholastically successful than the white majority, and therefore, we have to force them to be equal because the American Dream! The fact that some minority groups are, in fact, more successful than the white majority in every conceivable metric is conveniently brushed under the rug.

And then there’s fat acceptance, which is essentially a movement that wants to make it illegal to tell fat people that they’re fat, aided by complete ignorance of nutrition. Needless to say, this came from America as well, because true equality can only exist when everybody is walking around within metaphorical “anti-common sense force fields”, and nobody is allowed to criticize anybody else.

To clarify for the obtuse, I am not saying people shouldn’t have the right to shred their genitalia, eat big handfuls of lard, or whine about whatever exaggerated historical trauma you can imagine. In fact, if you wished to, for example become a woman, and decided to live quietly and not “do it in the street and scare the horses”, and that’s your greatest desire, then more power to you. In fact, that’s a more respectable interpretation of the “American Dream” then any of the cisgendered television twats gallivanting across the screen, racing to see who can destroy civilization the fastest.

Meanwhile, the wages of America stagnate, the nation is driven into deeper and deeper debt each year and social mobility is lower than it ever has been.

So that’s the American Dream as it is today: completely dump on the citizens of the United States, turn the nation into just a big economic zone that is literally being sold off to the highest bidder, all the while militarily enforcing progressivism throughout the world. Now the dream can flourish like never before!

The concept of the American Dream has clearly run its course. And when something no longer works, it’s time to throw it out. I say to hell with it.