Two Types of Lashing

The first of presumably not too many posts about tying knots. Pretty much everything is said in the video, but for those that learn better from reading, here’s written instructions:

Clove Hitch: Working end is left, bit is right. Wrap around a post, left goes under right. Loop over the bit and around the post, then pull through and under the “wrap-around” you just made with the working end.

Cross Lash: Make a clove hitch on a post, put the other at 90 degrees and over the vertical post, then loop behind the vertical, over the horizontal, behind the vertical, over the horizontal 3 times. Then do the reverse three times (ie: in front of the vertical and behind the horizontal), then tie another clove hitch on one of the post

X Lash: Clove hitch, then wrap over and under and over and under the two 5-6 times, then another clove hitch.

A short article this week, because not much needs to be said beyond what has been written.