New ROK article: It’s not That Hard To Eat Well in America”

My new article deals with the simplicity of eating and proper dieting, and how even in a nation of fatties like America, you can eat healthy.

Yes, America is a nation full of fatty fat fatties. Yes, the portion sizes at restaurants are too big. Yes, many people in America eat a crappy diet that turns them into disgusting fatbodies. But for fuck’s sake, people talk as if there’s just lard and instant macaroni and cheese flying through the air, forcing themselves down people’s gullets and dooming them to a lifetime of sexual inadequacy, low-testosterone, and physical weakness, all of which is part of an insidious plot by the government/the banks/the corporations/the Jews/the cis-heterosexual white men (select as many as you want) to make men/women (select one) weak and impotent and thus declare martial law.

This is predominantly a woman’s complaint (I have yet to find a single man involved in fat acceptance), but one occasionally sees it in the manosphere as well (most notably my roommate in my last year of school who adamantly refused to ever learn how to cook). If anybody was planning on raising a stink about this in the comments section…I really shouldn’t have to tell you that crying “I’m helpless to find healthy food!” is incredibly unmasculine. Cut it out.

It is in fact, incredibly easy to avoid crappy food and enormous restaurant portions.

Thanks again to Roosh and Winston for hosting my writing, which can be found here.