New Return of Kings Article on Kegels


Do you want a better sex life? Of course you do. And you can get that with kegels, a specific type of calisthenic exercise that trains your pubic muscles. My new article this week will show you the way.

“How the hell can I train to improve my sex life, Larsen?” you might be asking yourself in disbelief. There are, in fact, many ways of doing it-ranging from developing your skills in foreplay to learning new positions. You might even give the fingertip push-ups a try to develop hand strength and endurance for various reasons.

But rather than those, this article discusses a specific method of muscular training that will specifically aid your sex life, which I already know is a goal of yours. Because it’s a goal of any man who’s honest with himself, even if he ostensibly has no sexual issues-because who doesn’t want better sex?

The muscles that will be trained are the pubococyggeus muscles, a sling of muscles that runs from the groin, across the perineum, and up towards the anus.

Through a special group of exercises, known as pelvic floor exercises or Kegels (After Dr. Arnold Kegel, their discoverer), both men and women can become capable of consciously flexing their pelvic floor muscles, and this provides a variety of physiological and sexual benefits…

The article can be found right here (they changed the title).