An Important Announcement


All people reading this blog, I want to make this announcement to you. That announcement is that I have decided upon a complete revamping of this blog’s mission statement.

Plenty of times in my life, I have had some degree of success with the tenets of self-improvement and “gentlemanly barbarism” that I espouse here for happiness and success with women. But I always wondered, is there something more?

Really, men around this country are wasting their time, money, and effort in seeking to satisfy women. Ruthless, backstabbing, man-eating women, running around with their heads inflated with the lies of the Cunthedral, metaphorically, and possibly LITERALLY castrating men while the gynocracy laughs all the while. We have been warned of this day by allegorical works such as this that knew the true nature of the vaginal beasts.

I for one have had enough of this tyranny, and have decided to take a stand! What I have decided is to attack in the most proactive way: by retreating and depriving the nutchopping cunts of my glorious manhood, and I want all of you to join me!

Let those worthless, sponging, vaginoids fend for themselves without us men. I doubt they could last more than a month before they begged us to take them back…but then we wouldn’t and we’d leave them to die!

Fuck vapid, unfeminine Americunts! We men deserve better, which is why I will promptly get off this computer and go to a third world country to amass a harem of nubile 14 year olds. I’m thinking sometime in the next five years. A small price to pay, considering that we give them the best years of our lives and how do they repay us?!

Objectifying and ultimately disparaging women is the way a stud lives his life, and I want all of you, my valiant army of the testosterone laden, to follow my glorious example.

Or you can be a mangina tradcon, who actually attempts to make himself presentable to women and supplicate himself before them. I say to hell with that, they’re gonna come to me and accept me for who I am! And you can all help me in the way I will discuss in the next paragraph

Literally, what I am asking is for us men standing alone, men going our own way, to begin having sex with each other instead of women. Because everybody knows homosexuality is purely a choice, just like how all the feminazis choose to create whatever nonsensical sexual dichotomies they believe in this week. Thus we can choose to not fraternize with our enemies.

So bend over and root for freedom!

  • Really confused until I saw what day this was posted on.

    • Yeah, I always did enjoy when sites do April Fools jokes, and this was my chance to finally do one.