New ROK Article on Handstand Pushups


As the title implies, this article will teach you how to do a one-armed handstand pushup (Gradually, of course, you’re going to have to put in a lot of work).

If there is any muscle that is indelibly linked to the concept of masculinity, and serves as a cultural shorthand for “strength”…it’s probably the biceps. And that’s because people are stupid. In an ideal world, a much better candidate just might be the deltoids. For while women are quite capable of having lower body strength roughly comparable to a man (due to them typically having a lower center of gravity and having wider hips), men have the advantage in upper body strength, a difference that is noticeable when looking at a man’s shoulders, which are going to be wider than the hips (assuming the owner of said shoulders isn’t a complete tub).

Or, to put it another way, broad shoulders are an instant signifier of strength and power, so it’s in your best interests to get some.

Doing a handstand, let alone a handstand pushup, seems a daunting, terrifying task. And…yes, it is for a beginner. Trying to do the technique cold will result in you slamming your sacral vertebrae, your head, or both into the ground—hard.

To begin, realize that it is perfectly okay to do the techniques with your feet on the wall. This will build up the strength and muscular power sufficiently, but if you want to do “free” handstands (i.e. off the wall), you will eventually need to train specifically for this. Bear in mind that handstand pushups can be done either free or on the wall, but of course they are much easier on the wall due to having your feet on the wall for balance

The steps are simple (which is NOT to be confused with “easy”) and you can find them right here