New ROK Article on Reducing Soreness

walking stick man

Once upon a time, as a young college student, I discovered something miraculous: That walking a mile or two at a leisurely pace after a heavy weightlifting workout reduced muscular soreness the morning after. This epiphany pleased me even more than the casual sex that I was walking to and from.

Every one of those girls lived off campus, 1-2 miles away from my dorm, a distance that I almost always walked. While the constant walking in addition to formally scheduled exercise, both combined with the calorically reduced diet I was eating (as detailed in one of my earlier posts) made me drop more than 30 pounds in the span of about two months and gave me a trim and lean physique that the women in my life could barely keep their hands off of.

What I didn’t expect is that the morning after I would barely be sore and be much more functional, capable of going about my business with a spring in my step and without any soreness at all.

As excited as I was to finally be having sexual intercourse on a regular basis—I freely admit that I did not lose my virginity until my sophomore year in college—I doubted that that was the reason I had reduced soreness. So I reasoned that, perhaps the 3 miles I had intermittently walked after going to the gym had something to do with it.

As luck would have it, research has confirmed that this was indeed the case…sort of: More accurately, any sort of light, sustained aerobic physical activity (like walking or stretching) after a shorter bout of heavy anaerobic training (such as sprints, weightlifting, or hitting a punching bag) can reduce soreness a great deal…

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