New ROK Article on “Greasing The Groove”

“Greasing the Groove” is a term invented by the “Mad Russian” Pavel Tsatsouline to describe a program of high repetition weightlifting which can, contrary to popular opinion, create strength and mass.

It does not involve a literal groove greasing as depicted in the featured image, although you can certainly do so if you’d like.

In general, I am one to separate exercises done with high repetition and low weights from those done for maximal strength (high weights and low reps). This is mainly for two reasons: The first is because, when training novices don’t know proper form, I prefer to have these people reduce their repetitions to avoid risk of injury. The second reason, which I apply both to trainees and myself, is simply due to the fact that most people have jobs, school, family or some combination of all three of these, they are not capable of spending multiple hours a day in training.

With all of that being said, there is a place for increasing repetitions of in your arsenal of weightlifting knowledge and tricks. More specifically, there are three reasons that I am aware of, and if there are any more, do inform me:

You can read the article here