New ROK Article on Napoleon Chagnon


Remember my review of Napoleon Chagnon’s Noble Savages from a few months ago? Of course you do, and here’s an article that goes into the subject more, specifically pertaining to how Dr. Chagnon’s experiences relate to what Roosh went through on his little Canadian adventure.

The main takeaway I took from contemplating this book is that Social Justice Warriors have existed for a very long time.

It seems relatively sedate, but I don’t think it is much of an exaggeration to say that at least half of what we hate about modern society comes from cultural anthropology. Starting in the 20th century with Franz Boas and his fraudulent measures of human skulls to “debunk” HBD, to Margaret Mead’s staggeringly inaccurate depiction of a gender-neutral Samoa, the field has only gotten worse since then, essentially becoming a left-wing pseudo-religion that cites “proof” to justify any degree of social engineering…

When Napoleon Chagnon first attempted to present his findings to academia, the world of scientists reacted in a way more befitting the neon-haired Tumblrite than a rational, objective intellectual. Chagnon makes it explicit that their hatred of him is far beyond that of allegedly falsified data:

“For many anthropologists who cling to Rousseau’s view of mankind rather than Hobbes’, I am a heretic, a misanthrope, and the object of condemnation by politically correct colleagues, especially those who identify themselves as ‘activists’ for native peoples, because I described the Yanomamo as I found them. (page 9)”

The tactics of these opponents were also identical to their modern descendants:

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