New ROK Article on Training the Forearms

Most people recognize that “weak hands make a weak man”, but unfortunately, most people use methods of training the hands and forearms that are either ineffectual (ie: wrist curls) or expensive (ie: grippers). And since I abhorr the concept of spending money, I decided to do an article on ways you can train your forearms with no financial cost whatsoever.

“…Not counting the compound lifts like the deadlift, the first forearm training I mastered, for purposes of building a base of strength in static holds, is the one-handed fingertip pushup. I refer to this as a static forearm hold because while there is obviously movement, the fingers are stationary, only carrying the body’s weight. Before you can do the one-handed fingertip pushup, you of course have to master the two handed finger tip pushup, as shown below…”

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