New ROK Article: Ancient Tactics, Today!

battle of the trident

You might have noticed that the political situation at the moment…could be better. In response to the “Battle of Sacramento” that occured a couple of weeks ago (not to be confused with the Battle of the Trident depicted in the page image), I decided to write an article on ancient hand-to-hand tactics (that’s unit tactics, mind) that can be utilized should you get involved in a political rally that devolves into a street fight (bearing mind of course that this does not necessarily mean I share Matthew Heimbach’s political views):

“One has often heard the phrase “strength in numbers”, but as the events of the “Battle of Sacramento” showed, having mere numerical superiority will not guarantee victory.  Instead, what must be learned and trained is tactical superiority…In my opinion, if you wish to learn how to fight as a unit of modern day  men-at-arms, don’t learn from the Antifas, the black flag, and any other organization of pseudo-rebellious bourgeois  manchildren. Instead, learn from ancient men whose lives literally depended on their ability to function as a team. Indeed, these tactics are still used by riot police today…As we enter turbulent times, this admittedly slightly LARPy article, combined with lots of practice of its insights, might give you an edge over a horde standing against you.

You can read the whole article here