New ROK Article on Shaving


I have a new article on Return of Kings about shaving with a brush and single blade-because hygiene is just as much a part of fitness as the sweaty stuff, in my not-so-humble opinion. Hence the “Genteel Skills” category on the website that you are currently perusing, a category that will eventually be used for articles about hygiene, style, and other things that fulfill the “Gentleman” part of The Barbaric Gentleman.

Or in the words of the article:

I am commissioned to write articles about fitness, health, and nutrition. In my not-so humble opinion, personal hygiene is encompassed within those topics-particularly “health”-and is thus worth investing time into. Or in layman’s terms, the biggest muscles and leanest proteins in the world won’t really avail you much in the sexual marketplace if you’re an unclean, foul-smelling troglodyte—and having a movement comprised of schlubby basement dwellers won’t help us create the change we want to see in society, either. We’re supposed to be returning kings, remember?

And it is now I arrive at the point of this article: you are likely shaving with a disposable piece of plastic crap and some thin foam that comes out of a can and smells like medical supplies. You oughta to stop doing that, and instead properly treat your skin.

(In speaking of  “properly treating your skin,” and indeed in speaking about grooming and fashion as well, I am not saying you ought to be some perfumed ponce fussing over every enlarged pore and ingrown hair. I am speaking in terms of being in good health and not having skin that is dry, cracked, oily, or covered in acne—in short, a middle ground between being completely slovenly and being a dandy.)

Shortly thereafter, I get to discussing actual shaving techniques and practices, and you can read the article right here