New ROK Article: Gym Etiquette

We all like going to the gym, don’t we? Of course. But you don’t want to go there and ruin everybody else’s experience with your boorish behavior. And that is where this article comes in by enumerating 8 simple rules for proper gym behavior.

So, assuming that you are a novice to the gym, who is going for the purpose of bettering yourself as a man-or possibly because you’re an angsty teenage boy who wants to turn himself into an engine of fisticuffs-related destruction-here are a few tips on how to properly conduct yourself in the gym, to get the most out of your workout, turn yourself into the local paragon of fitness, and, most importantly, not look like a raging jackass and make yourself a pariah amongst people that should be your friends and cohorts…

Not that I doubt that you have the physique of a Herculean Adonis, but keeping your shirt on serves a variety of purposes-not the least of which is hygiene-leaving sweat and body oils on the bench or chair can lead to a variety of dermatological problems such as groin irritation, fungal infections, dermatitis (commonly referred to as cradle cap), and general rashes and hives.  

Plus, leaving your myriad greases on the equipment makes it more difficult for the next person, which is just plain inconsiderate (I have actually seen a guy slip right off a machine because it was covered in the last guy’s sweat).

While we’re on this topic, I’d also like to say: Please stop wearing those shirts that have no sides. While this will sop up the majority of the sweat from your chest and back, it still leaves about 30% of your torso exposed and sweaty. In addition, these just may make you come off as more of a douchebag than just taking your shirt off completely-is it just me, or do these shirts look more like a bib than anything else? Well I suppose that it’s only fitting you wear a bib if you’re going to catch cradle cap and diaper rash as well.

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