Profiles in Chicanery: Yellow Bamboo

Seeing as my Sunday article on Return of Kings was delayed due to scheduling issues, now is as good a time as any to discuss one of my video side projects:

In addition to the previously mentioned Fist Flicks, another show that I produce is The Fail Order Catalogue, which mocks bad fitness instructionals, workout videos, martial arts videos, and things of that ilk, in a similar manner to my film and video game reviews. I still maintain that the film and video game reviews should not be on this website, because they do not fit the “mission statement” of The Barbaric Gentleman, which is a site about masculine development and self-improvement.

However, the Fail Order Catalogue, in mocking bad fitness, can be instructional in the sense of “what not to do”. So starting today, I will be occasionally posting this particular video series on this website for your negative edification. While I produce a video once every 10 days, I alternate videos per each release (ie: one week a fitness video, one week a film review, etc.), so don’t expect the Fail Order Catalogue to be regularly posted.

Without further ado:

The featured image is the logo of the Yellow Bamboo Society, an alleged “martial art” based in something called Balinese White Magic that is in actuality half cult and half long con, and serves as the subject of my mockery. In fact, I mentioned them off-hand in my Ashida Kim profile as another example of martial arts fraud.

I present this video for your entertainment, and as a warning of the kinds of hucksters that scam martial arts rookies. I would hope that none of my readers would give money to Yellow Bamboo or any other scam artists.

Enjoy the video, and please subscribe to my Youtube channel if you liked it.