New ROK Article: Grip Strength 3!


Yes, I’m subjecting the manosphere to one more article on grip strength-it’s very important, and I’ve literally said everything that I can possibly say on developing the strength of the hands, forearms, and fingers.

…I’m writing yet another grip training article. As I’ve repeatedly stated, if you were to train any one aspect to develop real world functional strength, it would have to be the grip. Anything you’re going to lift will require you to take hold of it and grasp it in your hands, correct?

The techniques discussed in this article are not purely training techniques, but can be considered half training technique, and half tricks to impress your friends and intimidate your enemies. They will give your forearms and fingers a tremendous workout, but due to the expense and amount of detritus these methods produce, I don’t do these regularly…

Ripping a phone book in half has become a pop culture standard of strength and vigor, mainly due to the fact that most people don’t know how to do it—what if I told you that it is, in fact, one of the easiest strength feats? Indeed, ripping a phone book in half is the first “Strongman” style feat of strength that I ever achieved—and as I have said before in these pages, I am not naturally a strong man, it’s something I had to work at.

The problem most people have when trying to tear a phone book (as I feel most men have at some point in their lives) is that it’s nigh—impossible to rip a phone book with the same motion you would use to rip a piece of paper-pinching it with the fingers and moving the hands away from each other will get you nowhere fast.

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