New Return of Kings Article on Posture

Posture is important-men and women tend to have different body language associated with their sex, and anybody who peruses the manosphere will notice that “hunched over beta males” are an easy target of mockery. If you have bad posture, you ought to correct that-and as luck would have it, my new article will show you how!

As with most things, it is a lot easier to describe the wrong way to do things than to do the right thing—however, as this article is meant to be instructive, it is worth going over what bad posture is, before proper posture is discussed.

There are numerous ways to stand incorrectly, but all of them have a few things in common: The biggest one is that the spine is not in a neutral, semi-relaxed position…

Many factors can cause bad posture, most of which are either created or exacerbated by the forces of modernity—the worst of these being the act of extended sitting. When holding the same position for a long period of time, it’s only natural that your shoulders and torso will begin to sag.

In addition to this, sitting also removes the light muscular flexion that keeps the torso in its proper position when standing. The harm of sitting can,  however, be easily remedied—just stand up and stretch every hour or so.

Other bad habits can cause improper posture, such as walking around with your smart phone at chest level or wearing a backpack improperly.

Now that you know how bad posture is formed and exacerbated, how can one correct it?

…Also bear in mind that there is no one universal proper posture—it differs for each person, but with that being said:

If proper posture can be defined in one word, that word would be “symmetry.” Ears are even with the shoulders and the shoulders are straight. The hips are straight and the weight is evenly distributed to each foot. There is a slight and natural curvature to the neck and lower back. Observe the pictures below:

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