So You Want to Have Interracial Sex


It’s a swirl, see what I did there?

Interracial sex/romance is that thing we’re all supposed to pretend is a taboo in 2016 but is actually more or less demanded by academia and popular culture (with thanks to Count Kalergi)

Despite the fact that interracial sex is one of modern society’s loftiest ideals, getting one’s Swirl on might still seem to be a daunting task, regardless of what race you yourself happen to be a part of. White and Asian males are denigrated culturally as being “weak”, “effeminate”, small penis’d and purveyors of bland and unexciting sex (Asians have been portrayed as such since the 1920s while white men have been portrayed as such only in the last 20-30 years or so), most Non Asian Minority (NAM) men are portrayed as lascivious perverts, and all in all every race has some sort of stereotype baggage attached to it. In other words, whatever race you, the reader, happen to be: quit your bitching.

As somebody firmly in the “unexciting sex Ice Person” Category who has nonetheless built up a fair “flag count” of interracial fucking, I can safely say that the easiest part of interracial sex…is the sex itself, contrary to the “jokes” of hundreds of hack comedians. The difficulty lies in getting to the bedroom.

Being an anthropologist by training and a neo-masculinist by choice, I will not attempt to give you some “We Are the World”, force-everybody-to-be-a-nice-white-liberal nonsense. Of COURSE different races and different cultures are different, and will, on average, act differently from each other. To cite one example from my own experience, and speaking in the broadest terms, “Ice Women” (ie: white and Asian women) tend to be a little more reserved when dealing with men, and as such you will more often than not need to take a less aggressive tack with them then you would with a black or Latin woman.

(Of course, the overwhelming majority of women do like to feel subordinate to men-sexually at the very least-and women of all races want to sleep with manly men, so the amount of assertiveness you use is truly more a matter of degree then a black and white dichotomy)

My experiences are largely of women born and raised in the United States (the US being the multiracial empire that it is), so bear in mind that these differences are multiplied tenfold when you go to other countries and realize that each ethnicity and/or country is also culturally different, in addition to the racial differences. To cite one example, black people in the United States are overwhelmingly of a West African origin, and I would presume that women of Yoruba ancestry or some other West African group would differ greatly from, say, a South African Hottentot. Ditto for Latin America-as my patron Roosh has apparently written so ably (I freely admit I’ve never read any of his Bang books), women from, say, Colombia might differ from a woman from Brazil.

(How much of this is “nature” and how much of this is “nurture” is a debate that’d require an entire symposium)

Once you get past the convoluted web of cultural assumptions, sexual marketplace hierarchies, and any racial animosity their race shares with yours, the actual act of coitus is almost trivially simple. Again, from my own experience,  some types of women tend to be more active in bed, and some more passive, but if you can roger them good and hard, you’ll satisfy them and make them come back for more. In short, most women will screw in ways that are pretty similar-and they all get hot and bothered by similar things. Peruse my body of work further as to how to fuck better.

So ultimately, in most cases, you’d approach a woman of a different race the same way you would a woman of your own. With all that being said, here are a few general pointers on how to go about having interracial sex:

1)Get your ass in shape

Regardless of what race you are, no woman wants to sleep with a skinnyfat doughboy. Even if you are a member of a race that ranks low in the proverbial “Sexual marketplace”, having a good physique will give them a reason to look beyond that. Being in shape will make it easier to hold the “position of dominance” in a metaphorical sense, and having a strong physique will allow you to perform the “three way dance” I’ve talked about before, which is as pure a physical dominance as anything you can do in the bedroom, even if the woman in question comes from some freakishly tall ethnicity.


If you managed to get the woman on the right into the supported  congress, or carry her bridal-style, I guarantee she’d love you for the rest of her life (it’s model and actress Lindsay Hayward by the way).  And if you don’t find her attractive already, her Twitter Feed shows she’s remarkably based! But I digress.

2) The sexual marketplace is real…ish

Yes, some races are generally considered to be more attractive than others, and they can be roughly grouped into two hierarchies of attractiveness, one for men, one for women. Data from the mildly autistic bunch at OKCupid corroborates that, as anybody with a brain could see, white, black, and Caucasoid Hispanic (think Ricardo Montalban) men tend to have an easier time getting women than, say, an Indian man.

But, as I’ve repeatedly stated, your race won’t make or break every situation-while Asian women do generally have a thing for white men, if you walk around with bad posture, man titties, and a brain full of anime tentacle porn, you’re going to be in for a rude awakening if you expect to pick up a decent looking Asian girl just because “I’m a white man”. You still need to put in the effort to be a man worth having.

Conversely, Indian men generally rank pretty low in the sexual marketplace, but, again, that is something that can be overcome. While I have no subcontinental ancestry, I think I can give advice to the tune of: stop holding yourself down with a dismal mindset, don’t defecate in the street, hit the gym…or you can try reading this book.

To sum this section up, be aware of sexual dynamics, but don’t let them rule your life and defeat you without a fight-just know in some cases you might have to work harder. On a similar note…

3) Acknowledge that racial and cultural differences exist, but do it politely.

Or, in other words, don’t be a patronizing shithead.

What do I mean by “patronizing shithead?” It’s not really something I can define in a few words, but it can be easily demonstrated with a few hypothetical examples.

Let’s say you’re interested in an Asian woman. If you were to go up to her and say “KONICHIWA MY PALE AND DEMURE LOTUS BLOSSOM, FALL TO YOUR KNEES AND START SUCKING MY WHITE COCK”, that’s being a patronizing shithead.

Or if you were pursuing a Hispanic woman, I’d heavily advise you not to open with “AYO WHAT’S UP MAMACITA, COME OVER HERE AND SALSA DANCE ON MY DICK” or something to that ilk.

Before anyone accuses me of being an SJW, I’m fully aware stereotypes exist for a reason. In essence, I’m telling you to keep them in the back of your mind, using it to inform your decisions without airing them out in the open. From my experience, women of any race respond positively to being spoken to like they were any other human being. Showing a bit of basic respect (without pedestalization), combined with “putting on your shit”/Game, will carry the day on the sexual battlefield, and get you the interracial banging you so desire.


I write this article not to advocate or disparage interracial relationships-I’m certainly not against the concept, I’m just against the idea of it being propagandized for political purposes and having the concept fetishized as some sort of pseudo-sacrament, as shown in the first paragraph. Let people act as they will, and most people will stick with their own race. Yet there’s always going to be some amount of race mixing going on, and that’s okay. Should you wish to be of that unusual ilk, this guide will give you an idea of how to do it-but like all writing on sex, you yourself must put it into practice.