New on Return of Kings: How to Kip-Up

If you’ve ever watched a kung-fu movie in your life, and I wager you have, then you likely saw the hero of said film do an unbelievable feat of agility known as a kip-up. At which you point you probably attempted to do this, and failed miserably.

My new article is a step-by-step breakdown of this exotic maneuver that will have you popping up onto your feet in no time!

Today’s article isn’t exactly a skill that will save your life in the future, nor is it one of the “bread and butter” methodologies of an older and more civilized age that will supercharge your fitness training, but it is a neat little trick and, I imagine, will serve to fulfill dimly remembered childhood dreams for many of those in the audience (And I include myself in that).

The kip-up is a technique that likely all of us have seen since we were young–perhaps in a kung fu movie, or a video game, or in a professional wrestling match. It seemed so simple, too: just a bit of a heave-ho from the floor, and you pop up onto your feet the epitome of grace, instantly summoning a horde of nubiles to perform the filthiest of sexual maneuvers on you.

And so you would inevitably down on the floor, try to kip-up…and slam your ass into the floor. And again. And again. And again. For most of us, that’s where the kip-up ended, with sore asses and failure. That’s where it ended for me for many years…

…Kip-ups are often associated with martial arts curriculums, “Trickers”, and the like. While I would not recommend actually doing this in a fight (since it’s quite possible the opponent will literally hold his fist out for you to kip your face into), I can’t deny that it looks really cool, and it trains the muscles of the hips and torso—including the erector spinae—to work explosively, which is useful in a variety of situations.

You can learn this move by clicking right here