New on Return of Kings: Superfoods!

In my newest Return of Kings article I discuss four foods commonly referred to as superfoods, and whether or not these claims have any substance to them.

One of the major topics discussed in this corner of the internet is that of dietary supplements: which ingredients and panaceas will serve to give you an edge over the foot-dragging normies that clog the road in your daily life.

Personally speaking, I never really cared for specifically marketed supplements, finding that just sticking to the basics—the “Don’t Eat Shit” diet, getting a good night’s sleep, not masturbating—already makes me healthier and more alert than your average slob. But of course there is a lot of talk about “superfoods” and things that can allegedly give you an edge. But how accurate are these claims?

So with that being said, here’s four foods that can be commonly purchased that are often talked about as being great “superfoods”, and the truth about whether these claims have any basis to them…

..Fish is, of course, a quintessential “brain food” that many of you are likely aware of already. This is because the central nervous system (Whether it be the axons, synapses, glial cells, neurons, etc.) is made almost entirely of fatty tissues, and the fatty acids and healthful oils in fish will of course gird and enhance these neural connections.

To clarify further, the fish—and fish oil—that you are likely hearing being bandied about as “buzz words” in your day to day life are the nigh-mythical “Omega 3” fatty acids, which you’re supposed to be eating more of, and the “Omega 6” fatty acids that you should reduce your intake of. But what do these mean?

To put it very simply: Omega 3 fatty acids are what are known as “polyunsaturated fatty acids”, that have a double covalent bond in the third carbon pair from the end of the fatty acid “tail”—which is to say that the bond shares electrons between the two carbon atoms, if you will remember your chemistry classes.

Omega 6 fatty acids, in contrast, are found in vegetable fats, and while they are by themselves not particularly harmful (being similar polyunsaturated fatty acids), excess consumption of them has been linked to breast cancer in women and enzyme dysfunction. This is likely where any problem comes from, as some studies have shown the average person today eats a ratio of 15:1 Omega 6:Omega 3, and this is likely a problem that can be solved with the aforementioned “don’t eat shit” diet.

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