New on Return of Kings: Elocution

Talking is an important skill to have, even in this age of digitization. And nobody likes talking to a mumbling simp. So learn how to talk properly in my new article:

A common thread that I weave through all of my articles is that physical training can, and should involve more than merely training the muscles to be bigger and stronger. Many aspects of your physical person can be trained, and you will likely know that if you read the writings of other people in this corner of the internet (including myself): mindset, situational awareness, meditation, et al.

One of the things that I rarely see discussed, is something that is of the utmost importance for anybody entering the business world, school, dating, or any other field where face-to-face interaction is a necessity: elocution

Elocution is the study and practice of vocal delivery, in terms of voice, gesture, and pronunciation. Even in this day of the internet, there will come a time in your life where you have to speak publicly. More to the point of this website, there are few things that signal “beta male” more than a mumbling chump who looks down at the ground, doesn’t project, and is completely unintelligible to those that he is talking to.

There have been many books written on the topic, but the two that I used in my own elocution autodidacticism are Vocal Expression: Voice Training and Interpretation and Elocution Simplified, both of which date from the Gilded Age—like any proper physical training manual should—and can thus be found on Gutenberg (a resource I regularly use).

Before one even begins vocalizing, there are several steps you can do to improve your elocution right off the bat: one of those things that you can do is improving your posture…

You can read the article here