The NYC Women’s March, And Issues with the Left

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So on January 21st, I managed to go to the Women’s March in New York City protesting the election of the God-Emperor himself, Donald Trump. Naturally, I was excited that I could finally go and report on something of geopolitical significance that was happening within proximity of me—yes, I am deeply envious of those who can make blogging their full time job.

Going to the march was certainly a sublime experience…in that it engendered numerous emotions within me. The easiest way to go about doing this would be to talk about the good and the bad of this experience, and so without further ado:

The Good

I’m sorry to disappoint some of you in saying this, but I was pleasantly surprised at how stable and overall not-completely-terrible it was (on the surface, anyway): considering modern leftism basically worships all things ugly and tacky and obnoxious, I was, again, pleasantly surprised that there weren’t giant fat lesbian tits flapping in the breeze or cucks in hot pants thrusting for dildocracy or what have you. Nor was there any violence or destruction (in marked contrast to the march in Washington DC, which DID have unappealing bosoms, violence, and destruction).

(Wanting to be sporting, I’ll give the collective left some advice: you’re not going to win many fans by turning every protest into a gay pride parade. The sheer amount of poz the modern left propagates is a major reason why I became disillusioned with you).

Secondly, some of the ideals propagated were things I agree with (sorry if me agreeing to some leftist ideals offends you), such as one sign I didn’t get a picture of saying “dissent is patriotic”:

Why yes, I do believe that dissent is patriotic, and I do believe that the government should be kept on its toes. With all that being said…

The Bad

…I do have to ask: where the hell was all this dissent and rebellion and TAKING IT TO THE STREETS!!1 during the eight years of the Obama Administration?

In fact, I dimly seem to recall that for the past 8 years the powers that be have collectively been telling us that dissent is racist.

I’ve made it clear that I’m not a particularly huge fan of Donald Trump in my writing in the past. However, I’ve also made it clear in my writing that I blame Barack Obama (and the non-stop 8 year media blowjob performed upon him) for stoking a lot of the racial and class divisiveness in this country that, more than anything else, can be directly blamed for the political rise of Donald Trump.

Guess how many people at the protest were bringing up this very valid point about our previous president?

Frankly a lot of the signs reminded of why I’ve found myself divorced from modern leftism: intersectional catfights and ignorance and gross hypocrisy.

But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself in the various pictures I took (disclaimer: some of these were taken surreptitiously, and all were taken with my phone, so excuse any quality issues).

So here we see the belligerent Spanish-only sign (it’s worth pointing out that both political parties have been doing Spanish-only campaigning for decades now), combined with a sign explaining “rape culture”. The fact that a pretty solid example of “Rape culture” can be found amongst illegal immigrants crossing the border makes this juxtaposition humorously ironic

Shortly after seeing this sign, I literally saw an “America was never great” sign. It is literally that button-pushing meme come to life. MEME MAGIC WORKS LOLOLOL [/autism]

Sadly, there was no “Diversity was Never Great” sign.

If more women were like the ones in this particular protest? Maybe. But from what I’ve seen elsewhere of the modern women of the left…I have my doubts.

I’m fairly certain he would agree.

Considering the whole “listen and believe” thing, this is well on its way to being a law!

This is a little hard to see, it says “Ghostbusters 2 was awesome”. I agree, I feel that Vigo the Carpathian is a highly underrated villain, and that scene with the Statue of Liberty was lots of fun. Or were you talking about the Frumpy Lesbian Ghostbusters?

Referring to the “Make America Punk Again” sign in the background: the whole “question authority” thing is not a bad sentiment, but you could just as easily, like it or not, make the case that Donald Trump, the man who took on the entire planet and won, is the embodiment of punk rock.

You can’t see it, but white people are of course not in the “rainbow coalition”. That’s ironic because white people are the only ones who believe in that sort of 80s-style “color blind civic nationalism” that Trump actually propagates. Also, the coalition falls apart the second white people aren’t in the picture, but we already knew that.

Well, I certainly agree with demanding more transparency in government, and I think we can learn from the example of our previous president, who promised us the most transparent administration ever and…oh…right.

…You do know that the image of American women overseas is of ballbreaking feminist viragos, right? (Not necessarily saying I agree with that statement, but that is the image I get from talking to foreigners) Despite what the feminists seem to think, America is, in fact, a substantially feminist country

Tremble before the power of my bottom!

It’s partially cut off but it says “Trump Land: A Government of crooks, by crooks, and for crooks. Kleptocracy for all.” I certainly agree that there is a lot of money in government, but let’s not act like we were living in a socialist utopia before Trump’s election. Speaking of leftists that are actually intelligent, might I recommend Matt Taibbi’s “Griftopia” for a detailed analysis of the kleptocracy problem?

Like I’ve said, I’m far from a big Trump booster, but I don’t think a man who has a substantial amount of Jewish in-laws can be considered a Nazi. On top of that…

You can’t be a Nazi and a communist! Also, since when do leftists consider communism bad?

“Yeah sure, increased diversity decreases social capital and trust which typically leads to more crime and general urban decay, but THE RESTAURANTS, DUDE.”


Says the people who need Play-Doh and cartoons from their childhood to make it through the day

And here’s the main issue I’ve had that has made me increasingly disillusioned with leftism as it is today (I’ve never denied that I once was a leftist): the staggering amounts of hypocrisy, tone-deafness, and ignorance. Just in the pictures that tie in to this section we see the propagation of “fake news” (that thing the left has been bloviating about for months now), calls for unity after years of division, the “1 out of 4” rape claim that has been repeatedly debunked, a call for the rejection of blind faith that would be great if they hadn’t given Obama 8 years of blind faith, and two examples of the “we are all immigrants” thing that curiously never seems to be applied to non-Western countries.

A few signs that I didn’t get pictures of proclaimed the leftist meme of being the valiant defenders of reason and science against the Dark Age savages—something that enrages me the most out of all these. I’ve spent enough time in anthropology to see numerous examples of the left pissing on science and statistical analysis when it suits THEIR political agenda

Another display of tone-deafness I saw but didn’t get a clear picture of was various quotes from Broadway’s darling Hamilton (the play, not the man, of course) with regards to “resistance” and “fighting the power”, with rebellion being found in the guise of Hillary Clinton, who of course won the popular vote (entirely based on votes from California, mind you) and thus represents democracy in its purest form. It’s ironic, then, that Mr. Hamilton is the one who set up the Electoral College and hated direct democracy, thus being the guy who can ultimately be blamed for Mrs. Clinton’s defeat.

Aren’t these examples of body shaming/homophobia?

Signs like this, and the numerous Harry Potter references I see vis a vis Trump make me ask: How much of the modern left world view is formed by mass market pop cultural products?

(By the way, Dune is better than Star Wars)

So to reiterate the thesis above before I devoted the bulk of this article to negatives, I was pleasantly surprised at the goings on in New York, and generally being a fair person I will say that I might regain some of my lost respect for the left if it continues to be civil like this. But considering the actions of the merry band of Miles Gloriosuses that is Antifa, I’m not holding my breath.

Instead, let us glean the good ideas the left showed me: we should be stringent on Trump, we should fact check him and keep him on his toes, we should try to keep him to his word and prevent him from being the big government cuckservative that the Republican establishment wants him to be.

On the other hand, I’d like to see the Democrats continue to slam their heads into the wall as to why they lost (Psst…you’ve forced white people into identity politics)

PS: Stop with the “hey hey ho ho” chant, it’s not the 60s.