New Return of Kings Article: How To Do The Splits!

Did you watch Bloodsport as a kid? Of course you did. Did you ever want to do the splits? Of course you did. But in trying to do the splits, you probably just hurt yourself and gave up.

In my new Return of Kings article, I teach you how to train the splits: stretches that you can use to warm up for the splits, and the proper way to train that nigh-mythical exercise:

Every man should incorporate splits in his workout for a variety of reasons: the increased flexibility and mobility, the training of willpower and tolerance to pain, increased power in striking for martial artists, and last but not least, the sex appeal. But undoubtedly, for the trainee in flexibility, the split seems an impossibly daunting task.

Having taught you how to stretch without literally forcing the muscle fibers to stretch (and thus risk tearing), I can now teach you a series of “intermediate” stretches that will train those muscles that are stretched in a split. These stretches should be done as a warm-up before actual split training.

When you are training the front split, the two predominant muscles being stretched are the hamstring of the front leg, and the hip flexor and gluteus of the back leg. Thus, it is imperative that you at least warm-up with stretches that specifically target those muscles…

You can read the article here