Hapa Blogs Suck And You Suck for Reading Them

So last week, a glance at my website’s statistics showed that the Reddit “hapas” board had a bit of a bone to pick with me…over an article I wrote last October, in which I linked to Longing for Death in exactly one sentence of a 1000 word article.

I suppose I should have just been thankful for getting 10 extra readers to my website. But curious as to this subculture that I only dimly knew existed, and have not referred to since October, I decided to dive into the abyss and check out the aforementioned flagship blog of this “movement”. And after reading a few thousand words, I made this Youtube video to address some of what I saw, breaking my personal rule against internet drama, which I have never been involved with since this blog’s inception (…the post referring to me as a “Red pill autist” also may have spurred me to action).

Was my original assessment of Mr. Eurasian Tiger and his blog correct, or do I owe the man an apology? And why should I even care about what some guy on Reddit thinks of me?

You yourself can find the answer to both of the questions above, and many more questions that you may have (about all players involved in this little non-scandal) in the video which is embedded below this very sentence you are reading.

This will likely be the first of many more V-Logs/Rants that I’ll do in the years I plan on running this blog. If you would like to see me do a V-Log on some other issue, one that you are interested in, please leave a comment below or send me an email via the Contact page linked here.

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  • Hey, am a fan here. I wrote about your video criticizing the Toxic Asian “Masculinity” incels that attack Asian women to feel like a man (http://azngrl4whitegod.livejournal.com/6872.html). They blame their issues on them being Asian instead of their own social awkwardness and sexist/hateful/racist ways. They are the ones causing harm to the Asian community and making Asian women HATE Asian men. I appreciate Asians like you who give these whiny bitch crybabies a reality bitch slap. I am also doing my part to expose their toxic ways

    • Thank you, it’s always nice to hear from a fan.

      Unfortunately, I am dating a white woman so that might make me a “white worshipper” in their eyes haha.

      In all seriousness, thank you, and I appreciate that you write about what you do as well.

      • No, the hypocritical bullshit part is that they wouldn’t see you as a “White worshipper.” According to them Asian women who date White Men are racist sell out scum of the Earth who deserve every misery in the world. But Asian men who date White women are prideful and honor the Asian community. What kind of sexist bullshit logic is that? Then they start yammering about the “imbalance,” and how that justifies their sexist ways. i’m exposing all their crap and they are getting butt hurt and trying to silence me, like men who beat their wives and is sweating she will tell everyone.

        • Take it from me, when you have haters you’re doing something right. Keep it up!