Listen to me on Pilleater’s “The Dank Files”

For those that aren’t aware, Pilleater is a blogger and podcaster who collaborates on the latter with Robert Stark (known for “The Stark Truth”). Pilleater is, like yours truly, of mixed European/Asian ancestry and, also like yours truly, seeks to be a more positive example of that non-demographic than the lugubrious twats at Longing for Death and the Reddit “hapas” board.

To go into more detail, what Pilleater propagates is the idea of “Asian Aryanism”, a philosophical concept that is not so much an advocacy of white/Asian race mixing, as it is the seeking of a way to have the groups co-exist peacefully with some, but not too much, mixture, and to give said mixed offspring an alternative to the aforementioned sniveling pussies that pass for mainstream “hapa” philosophy.

As I tell the man in the interview, I’m not 100% behind it, but nonetheless me, Pilleater, and Robert Stark got along swimmingly in the interview—despite the fact that both men seem to be under the impression that Return of Kings has a “the” in it’s name—as we each proffered our takes on the racial question. In addition to those matters, we also discussed the manosphere/neo-masculinity (more specifically, where both Return of Kings and The Barbaric Gentleman fit into that sphere), sex and sexuality in general,  and more.

You can listen to the interview by clicking this linkor clicking the embedded video below.