PUAssholes #1: Joshua Pellicer and the Tao of Badass

I have a new Youtube show titled “PUAssholes” (ie: Pick-Up Assholes), in which I criticize bad pick up artistry, game, and other hamfisted attempts at pelvic sorcery—for both men and women!.

The genesis of this show, as revealed in the video, is that I was a gawky and awkward teenager around the time that the Mystery Method came out. Long story short, I made a complete ass of myself attempting to use the “wisdom” that Mystery doled out. Having come around to much more sensible masculine self-improvement, I continue to scorn that old-school PUA material.

And so, much like I do with the Fail Order Catalogue/Profiles in Chicanery, I aim to seek out examples of incompetent pick-up and publicly mock them so other young men won’t fall into the same trap I did.

Enter Joshua Pellicer, whose material I was recently introduced to by a reader. He runs a few websites such as the Tao of Badass, Be a Real Badass and a couple of Youtube channels—and let’s not forget the OBTUSE SEDUCTION FLOWCHART that I’ve mocked before.

As you could probably assume by my mocking use of the phrase “obtuse seduction flowchart”, I think the guy’s a bit of a shyster, and entirely undeserving of the title “badass”. Hence why I made him the first of what will surely be many targets I aim at in this show.

So go ahead and watch the video. It certainly has a few laughs (naturally, I spend a lot of time making fun of the seduction flowchart), but I hope it will also be educational as well: educational to the teenage boy or young that is starting to get interested in his masculinity and might be tempted to buy this bilge, and educational to the aspiring web entrepreneur who might be tempted to come up with his own wonky seduction system—don’t.

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