New on Return of Kings: Mysterious Workout Devices

I have a new article on Return of Kings, dealing with 5 mysterious workout devices most people have probably encountered in the gym at some point in their gym-going lives, but not known the purpose of, or how to use them. As you might imagine, this article will edify you as to the purposes of these bizarre, often archaic, but in all cases useful, exercise devices.

Many fitness acolytes, after getting good results in the first few months of their training, will seek the use of new exercises and equipments to gain a competitive edge over their fellow gym goers. Or alternatively, some of our younger readers have gone foraging through the storage rooms of their high school gymnasiums seeking that some goal. Either way, at some point in a physical culturist’s “career”, they’ll find many mysterious exercise devices that are completely obtuse to them, boggling the mind as to how they are supposed to be used, and for what purpose.

You likely don’t need me to tell you this, but the majority of exercise devices that are out on the market today are completely worthless (in fact I have told you that!). However, there are a few devices that are somewhat obscure and rarely used, but are great tools for your strength, endurance, and flexibility training, tools that without exception are 100 years old at their youngest and that have sadly been forgotten by the masses for a variety of completely inane reasons (marketing, for the most part, but we here at Return of Kings are already against consumer culture). And so without further ado…

You can read the article right here, on Return of Kings. And after you’re done reading the article, feel free to go to your gym and utilize these formerly mysterious, now not mysterious, workout devices.