New on Return of Kings: “Abdominal Maxalding”.

I have a new article on Return of Kings, discussing how one can use the Maxalding technique to strengthen and condition the various muscles of the abdominal wall:

We all love Maxick here on Return of Kings, don’t we? Or at the very least, I and my other gilded age aficianados love the rural Austrian’s techniques of flexing various muscles that nobody could imagine were capable of being flexed.

By this point we’ve already learned how to do the latissimus dorsi, the trapezii, and the pectoral muscles, but there’s a lot more to do on the upper body. One of the biggest, most notable and, indeed, most important to do are those of the abdomen.

Of course, you are likely already capable of flexing the ab muscles if you’ve been working out a little bit and you’ve ever felt the need to pick up a girl by asking her to punch you in the stomach (trust me, it works—after you’ve steered the conversation towards fitness of course, don’t just say it as an opener like some sperg). But there is a lot more that you can do with your ab muscles than just tense them. Indeed, tensing them is by far the easiest thing you’ll do—and I say that because I found this to be the most difficult of all of the exercises in the Maxick program:

Before you can begin flexing and controlling the abdominal muscles, you must know how to completely relax them. In other words a body pose must be adopted that removes all strain from the abdominal muscle. And as you can imagine, where there is abdominal relaxation, the abdominal wall is soft and can be depressed with the finger.

Abdominal relaxation, or abdominal depression, is an exercise that is affected by external air pressure but it is the key to control of the double and single abdominal isolations.

You can read the article here