Do Alpha Males Exist? (Manthropology #3)

Anybody who has wandered into the reactosphere is likely aware of the concept of the alpha male, which I have come here to discuss today.

The alpha male is that thing that every boy and man who wanders into the manosphere aspires to be, that cool paragon of masculinity who can intimidate men and attract women without a single word. The man for whom all social interactions are an automatic success—in short, the man who is explicitly masculine and can use that masculinity to grab the world by the throat.

Or, if you ask some other people, the idea of the alpha male is merely that: an idea. An insidious idea, a load of smoke and mirrors drummed up by hucksters and Pick Up Assholes, if you’ll pardon me borrowing my own expression, to sell hokey seminars and bootcamps to impressionable and angsty nerds.

This topic is actually a matter of some debate amongst the manosphere and the general alternative media, so I decided to attempt to answer this question using my knowledge of anthropology. In this video, you will learn about the zoological harem structure, and the effects of stress both physical and mental upon upon testosterone production. You will see parallels to human interaction amongst our primate cousins. You will see several of the myths about alpha male-dom acknowledged and debunked. And in the end, you will hopefully have an answer as to whether or not that illusive thing, the alpha male, can be said to truly exist at all.

And so without further ado, here is the third episode of Manthropology.

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  • Seth Falconer

    Found my way here from ROK after I watched your PU Assholes. Good videos, but your voice-over could be louder. I’d rather have to turn you down a little than not be able to hear you at MAX. Mostly the PUAs were just louder than you. You have the audio figured out here, though. Good video. Very interesting, and encouraging.

  • Caleb Stone

    The ‘Alpha Male’ is basically a one dimensional idea created to hook us up on our noses and lead us through the ring/arena/whatever.
    Men know that, it is sometimes useful as an analogy to describe something, but on it’s root/core it fits a gorilla better than a human and it fits perfectly the mind of a simple minded cheerleader. (Nothing against cheerleaders, I use them, guess you guessed it, as an analogy)

    • Yeah that’s basically what I get at in the video. It kind of exists but is a gross simplification

      • Caleb Stone

        I’m curious, an article with a title even implying the idea to the reader, he couldn’t be an alpha or even the beloved term doesn’t exist, is that visible in traffic?
        My bet would be yes, there’d be at least a slight drop in views compared with the average posts about alphas. 😉

        • It is my most viewed post as of now, so I don’t think it’s adversely affected traffic. I was attempting to do the clickbait thing with this title.