New On ROK: Fashion Accessories

I have a new article on Return of Kings about that often misunderstood thing: fashion accessories. Namely, I go through a series of common men’s accessories and discuss how to make them work, and how to make them not work (as you can imagine, it’s a lot easier to do the latter):

By this point, if you read my articles diligently, you will have some idea of how to dress yourself. You will know that fit and cut are everything, you will know how to be interchangeable with your clothing choices, and you will know how long and proportionate your cuffs and wrists and collars have to be. Or at the very least you’ll know well enough to let a tailor deal with those.

But if you want to really be a cut above the rest in terms of clothing, you need to pick something that will likely make you a bit apprehensive. That being, accessories!

I am, of course, a bit apprehensive myself, since the whole idea of “peacocking” and “Wearing a great big ‘I’m a retard'” sign has not yet mercifully died…

…I told you once before that my fashion advice will never involve peacocking, and I stand by that. The key is symmetry and synergy of all the parts of your outfit, combining to a greater whole. Accessories are just a cherry on top, they cannot save a crappy foundation.

Almost as important is the idea that an accessory should be functional first and stylish close second. As you go down the list, you’ll notice that many of these accessories serve a practical purpose.

You can read the article right here on Return of Kings. As usual, if the link doesn’t take you to the article, it’s probably because the article is scheduled for a later time today, and it will eventually be readable.