New on ROK: More Fashion Accessories!

Last week on Return of Kings I published an article on the various types of fashion accessories a man can wear, and then promised another article on this same subject. This week’s article is that follow up: 3 more fashion accessories you can use!

…While some may dispute that a vest is an “accessory” (mainly because it is in fact a required part of the “three piece” suit, I find them to really be something that makes a suit “pop”.

The vest smooths out rumples in the shirt and gives extra pockets, plus you can wear them without the jacket (Except for some which have false backs, obviously those need a jacket.) The best part is, you can wear them in a wide variety of colors: you can match with the jacket to get the ultra-refined three piece suit look, or alternate colors to really make yourself noticeable. Just make sure that the vest falls properly and covers the belt (but does not fall beyond that)…

…The pocket square is one of the quintessential accessories worn with any proper jacket. Placed in the breast pocket, it can add color and panache to a standard suit. They should be contrasting, like a white pocket square for a black suit. Folding pocket squares is also its own thing:

The cardinal rule is: it never matches the tie, the whole point of pocket squares is that it provides a bit of contrast and attention, and it can’t do that if it’s matching something else. It has to compliment, it is garnish.

Rule 2: NEVER use the pocket square, keep a white hanky in your back pocket for actual use, these utility hankies should be cheap, when you offer one to a lady, she’s supposed to keep it.

3) NEVER wear those fake squares, which are cardboard with fabric sewn on…    

You can read the article here