Onward Transgender Soldier!

I deeply apologize for the image that crowns this article.

As you’ve probably noticed, over the last couple of days there has been a furious debate in American politics and culture over President Trump’s decision to ban transgender soldiers from serving in the United States military.

The left, which at one vague point in the past professed to be anti-war, was of course in favor of transgenders serving. “How dare President Trump deny these people the right to fight overseas?!” they asked, still having a residual love of war that they had engendered during the Obama administration-having transgender soldiers would make soldiering hip, and that’s all that really matters!

The right, in turn, argues that since transgendered people are overwhelmingly represented in statistics of mental health disorders, having them in an occupation as inherently stressful as frontline combat would cause dysfunction and strife in the ranks.

(But don’t take MY word on the mental health issue, take the word of this LGBT icon)

Undoubtedly, the latter has some basis to it, according to the testimony of actual combat veterans, and yet…

I fully support transgender soldiers serving.

Yes, you read that right. I am 100% behind transgendered soldiers in the United States military.

“Obviously you’re doing some sort of ironic, tongue-in-cheek thing, Larsen, so why don’t you just get to the point and tell us what you’re aiming at” I can hear you saying. Gladly!

As I have repeatedly stated on this website, ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has essentially taken its role in the world, propagating leftist political doctrines and serving as their armed enforcer—albeit of a leftism that is fundamentally different than the sort the Soviets used to promote. Indeed, while the Soviets certainly had intelligence divisions related specifically to subversion (According to Mr. Bezmenov, anyway), these were essentially used as a cudgel to weaken the enemy for the “meat and potatoes” ideological message.

In contrast, in America, the subversiveness is in and of itself the ideological message. Leftism in America is focused not at all on labor unions and isolationism, but rather historical deconstruction, intersectionality, and a form of “diversity” that somehow means “everybody, of all races and genders and creeds on Earth, magically becomes a nice liberal Western white person—the pinnacle of human civilization”. And any given aspect of American culture is involved in this: the government, big business, the church, academia, and the entertainment industry

And it is in considering America as it is now that I am fully behind the idea of transgendered people serving in the military.

What better way to tell the “Middle American Radicals” that this is no longer their country, and that being hip and cool is more important than having an effective military?

And, if America is going to be the #1 deliverer of poz loads throughout the world, who better to do it than the 501st Transsexual Infantry?

And, most importantly, many commentators have noticed that Americans are increasingly becoming more cynical and distrustful towards their government and institutions (Of course, this intellectual trend was always present in America, but I’ll concede it might be more prominent now)—the inherent distaste many have towards this just might convince those last few “flag lapel pin wearing patriotards” to abandon whatever investment they have left in the military and government on the whole.

And the less people are invested in this farcical government, the quicker it falls. If the “rainbow coalition” wants the United States to be its armed enforcer, let them do the enforcing.