Sorry Vegans, We’re Meat Eaters

It’s a new episode of Manthropology! And this time around it involves my day job as well. As a personal trainer I have to give people dietary advice pretty frequently, and this video is essentially about that field.

…Anyway, a matter of intense debate in, really, the entirety of post-modernist society is which diet is the correct one. Some say that a predominantly carnivorous one, or an omnivorous one, or a vegetarian or vegan one. Which one is it?

Not making things any more simple is that such a thing often takes on a, shall we say, political veneer. “Effeminate soy eaters” mocking “thuggish right-wing meat eaters” and all that.

As luck would have it, this question CAN be answered from a strictly biological basis. Obviously, I’m not going to deal with those who have a religious or moral issue that behooves them to eat one diet or another.

And…yeah, humans have in fact evolved to eat meat!

Regardless of whether or not one believes the hypothesis that hormones affect your politics and thus diet affects politics via hormones, and I don’t necessarily, the fact is that not only have humans evolved to eat meat, it has direct nutritional benefits for us…

From there, I get into all sorts of biological, paleontological, anthropological, and common sensical advice to keep you sticking chunks of delicious dead animals into your mouth. And at the very end I discuss the very real threat of overpopulation forcing us to perhaps change our dietary lifeways, and whether or not such a thing should be worried about.

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  • Norm Glitz

    Let’s see, eyes on the front of our heads to better find prey, sharp teeth to tear meat vs. the mouthful of molars like gorillas, digestion via stomach acid vs. fermentation like the four legged grass eaters, Walking upright to see farther. What else?

    • The prevalence of quadrupedal long bones with butchery marks from as early as 2 million years ago, indicating that not only Homo Sapiens but other species in the Homo genus ate meat.

      Glad you liked the video, please subscribe.

  • Fürchtegott

    Markklößchensuppe 4tw