New on ROK: Old Man Fitness!

The ravages of time come for all of us. Time passes, people move…like the river’s flow, it never ends.

Ahem, nerdery and childhood nostalgia aside, an important facet of keeping fit is to continue exercising as you age. And although I am not an old man, several of my personal training clients are old people, and this article this week will give you some guidance on how to continue exercising as you age, so as you can slow or even, in some cases, reverse the aging process.

 I would certainly hope that it’s not a controversial opinion that nobody escapes from the ravages of age. Simply put, everybody is going to get old, unless you deign for whatever reason to die right now—and frankly, I have no desire to be blamed for a suicide epidemic so please don’t do this.

Jokes aside, what will be sort of difficult for many physical culturists to grasp is that your body will get weaker and less able once you get beyond a certain point in age. This is especially difficult for those who were born weak and feeble and have continuously built their strength, stamina, and ability throughout their lives in a never-ending physical “prime”—and that includes myself.

However, just because your physical capabilities will inevitably be somewhat diminished with age, that does not mean that you have to stop exercising entirely once you get beyond the age of 30 or so. The “dad bod” is a real phenomenon, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

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PS: Excuse the fact that this article came out on Tuesday rather than the usual Sunday schedule for my Return of Kings articles. For a variety of reasons, the scheduling was a bit screwed up this week and thus the article could only be posted today.