Surprise! The Daily Stormer Are Frauds

I had already, in fact, written another blog article to be scheduled for today, but seeing what was going on in the reactosphere, I rushed this one out because a lot of this stuff has to be said:

Taking a glance at Vox Day’s site, we see that, just as I have theorized in multiple articles, the “World’s Most Popular Alt-Right Site” The Daily Stormer turned out to be a bunch of frauds, fantasists, and all in all carefully constructed to tilt what was once a burgeoning and promising political movement into the same morass of head shaving genetic throwbacks that have accomplished absolutely nothing ever since World War 2 ended.

Whether or not they’re earnest about their Nazism (notable in that their style guide literally directs people to blame the Jews for everything), or they are in fact an elaborate COINTELPRO style attack designed to hijack and crash the alt-right by making them look like buffoons is still up for debate. However, the fact that the Stormer style guide is explicitly stated to be based off of Gawker is…rather suggestive.

And now, seeing as the alt-right is well on its way to ending up in the dustbin of history by making all of the mistakes that I had really hoped they wouldn’t (ie: becoming a group of cartoon villains led by a series of Svengalis, flamboyant sodomites, and soft trust fund kids), what can we take away from all this, so that white people as a collective don’t fuck up yet again?


I keep saying this, and not enough people listen—I even put it in caps this time. Nazism has baggage! And believe it or not, most people don’t want to hate and attack other races. People are, however, receptive to fighting for themselves and their posterity defensively. And I emphasize “their posterity”. American posterity (ie: people and culture) doesn’t have anything to do with Nazism, so leave it be.

2) Be More Discerning About Who You Choose As A Leader

Or, to put it another way: “You  mean the short, ugly, juvenile Neo-Nazi who’s a walking caricature of a ‘right wing extremist’, who has only ever had sex with Filipino hookers (degenerate AND hypocritical!), wasn’t on the level?!”

I know, I’m shocked too. And yet somehow, the Stormer is still not as ridiculous as the pack of sexual misfits that is the staff and readership of the rapidly imploding The Right Stuff, a website that I am ashamed to point out I once read regularly.

3) Sometimes You Need To Punch Rightward

Like I said in this article, the idea of “not punching rightward” has its place (namely that it came about from a desire to be different from the prissy William F. Buckley style purging of anybody that was remotely controversial or different from a rigidly defined concept of what “conservatism” is. But when those who are more rightward than you are a bunch of incompetents who are going to drag the rest of you down, then yes, I would say you should punch rightward. Punch good and hard!

I’m not the only person who has criticized the self-appointed leaders of the alt-right, and there’s gonna be a lot more of it as this freakshow continues to collapse.

Let’s just hope that White Nationalism 3.0 heeds my advice, since the first two times they tried it have failed dismally.