New on ROK: Replacing Estrogenic Foods

There’s a lot of food that can give you man tits and low sperm count. But as luck would have it, it’s pretty easy to replace as well.

Without further delay, let us discuss what those foodstuffs are, and how they’re beneficial to you:

Meat is good for you, despite what the soy-eaters tell you. The exact nutrient profile of your butchery depends on the various cuts/styles of meat you get, but as a nutritional category, animal products provide more protein, healthy fats, iron, calcium, B-Vitamins, and various other nutrients than any other food product.

However, as my last article discussed, much of the meat/dairy you find at the grocery store is processed, factory farm-raised, and loaded with hormones, antibiotics, and various other chemicals that you likely wouldn’t want in your body. After all, the first thing any hunter does when he butchers an animal is checking the quarry’s liver to see if it’s diseased—and thus good to eat. So why should you not take that precaution just because you’re not butchering your meat yourself?

If possible, you should try to get your meat from a small reputable source, in which you know that the animals are at the very least not crammed into tiny cages and kept alive with constant hormone and antibiotic injections. Try patronizing your local farmer’s market, or why not try raising your own animals if you have the capability to do so?

Obviously, most of us cannot do so due to us having space or monetary concerns, so the next time you go to the grocery store, take a good long look at the labels of the meat packaging. If you see ingredients other than “BEEF” or “CHICKEN”…I’d avoid eating it and look for something else.

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