Does “Game” Actually Work?

If you’re reading this article, on this particular website, then that likely means that you are at least somewhat interested in “game”—a way to work at attracting women, in the words of a non-sperg.

This topic is still a matter of intense debate amongst the various male-oriented websites you’ll find out there: which tenets of “game” are the best to use, or, as some would ask, whether or not “the game” exists at all.

Yes, indeed! There are many disaffected men who feel that game is a lie and anybody who shills for it is a fool, a con artist, or both. These men come in various stripes: from those who populate Sluthate (formerly known as PUAHate until some…unpleasantness happened involving a certain supreme gentleman) because they tried and failed to use Game in their lives, to those apathetic sorcerer’s apprentices who never even bothered to try and instead resigned themselves to a live of semi-voluntary celibacy.

I myself have a virulent hatred of bad “pick up artistry”, which readers of this website are undoubtedly familiar with—why else would I do an entire Youtube show on bad Pick-Up?

But let’s get back to the main point: does game exist, and does it work?

To answer these questions, we can look at several examples, not the least of which is myself:

As I have repeatedly stated throughout my tenure as an internet superhero, I used to be an incel, from the beginnings of my teenage years to the age of 20 (When I lost my virginity). Throughout high school I was shy, nerdy, physically feeble, acne encrusted, and self-loathing. Somehow or another, the idea to improve myself was given to me, and through a lot of trial and error and concerted effort, I was able to make myself physically fit, confident, clean-faced,  more “intellectual” rather than “nerdy”, and, wouldn’t you know it, I managed to break out of my involuntary celibacy and get laid on a regular basis. Note that I have never claimed (unlike some keyboard alphas we could name) to “close Playboy models” and the like—I don’t rank myself much above a 7. Thus 6s, 7s, and 8s are really the range of woman I get—but the point is I went from getting nothing to getting something, consistently and thoroughly. And it was done via deliberate self-improvement.

It’s here that some would argue that what I have done is not really “game”: these people would say that getting in shape, dressing well, and learning how to talk is just common sense, and “game” is some sort of nebulous concept encompassing charisma, personal magnetism, and some sort of magical words and/or gestures that will cause a woman’s undergarments to spontaneously combust. While I will always argue that 90% of “the game” is just commonsensical things like “having a good physique”, “dressing in a complementary way”, or “wearing deodorant”, I will not deny that there is that “X Factor” that is involved in seduction, and it is undoubtedly that non-quantifiable je ne sais quois that causes so much confusion as to how Game can work.

Let’s just make something perfectly clear here: there have been many fat, ugly and/or thoroughly repulsive men that have absolutely slain the poon over the years: Samuel Pepys, Grigori Rasputin, Henry Kissinger, the list goes on. There have even been a few women that have managed to pull this off, such as “The Cocaine Godmother” Griselda Blanco, to name one off the top of my head. The fact that these physically hideous people could have a small army of paramours traipsing through their bedchambers should leave no doubt that there is something to attraction besides the physical.

It is here that game denialists will attempt to shut me down by saying that those four examples I cited were “merely” powerful and/or wealthy people whose attractiveness was entirely based in said power/wealth, and their seductions would never work were it not for their status in society.

I can refute that with two words: Mark Zuckerberg.

Undoubtedly one of the world’s wealthiest men, and with his hands on so much data he is implicitly one of the world’s most powerful men as well (So much so that he seems to be entertaining a 2020 presidential run) and yet…his wife and the mother of his children is a solid 5/10 at best.

Let me rephrase that: an exorbitantly wealthy and powerful white man, using all of his powers and savvy, could only get a 5/10 Asian woman.

(Yeah, for the purposes of this, I’m considering Zuck a white man, take your “Jews aren’t white” purity horseshit somewhere else)

How much of a gormless spaz must Mr. Zuckerberg be to be as wealthy and powerful as he is, and court a woman from an ethnicity that has been repeatedly documented to be especially attracted to his own, and not be able to get any one more attractive? While I’m not one to fetishize Asian women, I have dated two in the past, and each of them were at the very least more attractive than Mrs. Zuckerberg (they were, on the other hand, both “jungle Asians” in Alli Wong’s parlance, so perhaps that had something to do with it).

So no, looking at Facebook’s CEO as an example, I don’t think you could just give any dweeb billions of dollars and have them impregnate the denizens of an entire lingerie catalog—a loser with billions of dollars is still a loser, albeit one with some nice toys. In other words, “game” is something you can have, or at the very least something you can work at, and it can greatly facilitate your sexual pursuits.

As for what that mysterious “X Factor” is, and why some men just don’t seem to have it despite all of the advantages in the world? That’ll take its own separate article, so watch out for that next week.

  • moriyahtobyahnah

    Yes, someone is reading your shit and I always find it interesting.
    I never really though about whether my girls were 10’s or 5’s at the time. There was just something, or many things, that made them interesting to me. I probably dated or could have, many came on to me, at least a hundred more than I slept with. Out of the 100 or so I slept with I only had 4 long term relationships. That is to say longer than a year and less than 20.
    They were all 10’s in my eyes for sure. The fact that other guys would try to pick them up while I was with them is some indicator. To diverge from the topic for a moment; that there is a great reason to learn how to fight as well as how not to fight.
    One sweetie was Chinese and 14″ shorter, vertically challenged, than I. I still have her picture almost 40 years later. She was hotter than 400,000 HU cayenne. She fucked around on me. Bye, Bye baby.
    Another was part native, as am I, cute as a button, built like Leonardo designed her! Gorgeous hair down her back. Bought me shit all the time. Dang I miss her. She died.
    My long term wife was a Swedish beauty. Everything you want in a woman including knowing when to shut her mouth. Took a little training but… She looked great till she gained 20lbs, I made her lose it with her complaining all the while but she loved me even more after. Menopause ended that run.
    Those I still have pics of.
    My first real girlfriend took my virgin world to another planet. She was ten years older as was every other girl of mine from 13 to 18. Some were 20 yrs older.
    What have I got special? Nothing a billion other guys don’t have. It is what you do with it. And don’t do with it.
    The game is theirs but the rules are well defined. It is unlike most every other game you will play in life where the rules change all the time. Not talking here about baseball, football, basketball…
    THE ‘Game’ is a totally straight up and fair game.
    Don’t give in to their shit tests. Don’t let them get the best of you or you will lose them every time. They want a man who never, ever has to back down and will protect them, and maybe their children, for the rest of their lives.
    The only thing a woman really wants from a man is security and protection. In return she will, or should, give you her loyalty.
    Today, many translate this that they really want as ‘money’. It really isn’t and you need to be aware of that.
    Other than that, any man can play the ‘game’ and win. To a greater or lesser degree.
    It is the very best game to play.
    Even when you lose you win because you learn to play the ‘Game’.
    Now go play outside and look both ways before you cross the street, she might be coming down the sidewalk.