A Masculine Tragedy in Vidya

An awkward title? Perhaps, but deal with it. This is a V-Log adaptation of my old Shadow of the Colossus article, which you can read here. I add some things to it, and condense others, but I feel this has to be repeated. It’s not only a great video game, but an outstanding and artistic parable on the masculine man versus society.

I consider myself to be a fan of video games. I freely admit that as a hobby, it is not in the least constructive, and correspondingly, as I’ve gotten more into writing, drawing, martial arts, music, fitness, reading, wanton debauchery, and in general turning myself into what every 12 year old boy fantasizes about becoming “when I grow up” (except for the whole “wealthy” thing), my time playing games has decreased. But I still feel that video games have the potential to be a great art form, and should be taken seriously (the fact that those currently trying to make video games art are failing miserably at it is a topic for another day). Today, I wish to talk about a game that, upon first playing, instantly ingratiated itself in my heart as a classic of the medium, and has solid implications for those of the masculine persuasion—that game is, Team ICO’s Shadow of the Colossus

…Wander, I feel, is typical of a lot of young men-he is a headstrong idealist (to the point of being rather naive), madly in love with a girl, and willing to do anything for love, to the point where he is willing to take the advice of a shifty character (Dormin) to gallivant off and kill for his woman, without even once thinking about the ulterior motive they might have…

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