Why Are Male Feminists Such Creeps?

I have a new article on Return of Kings, asking the question (and seeking to find an answer for) the titular query: why ARE male feminists such creeps?

Sex and its bizarrely interesting, particularly American permutations have been in the news a lot in recent days, in particular amongst the alternate media. Of course, everybody with a pulse has heard about Harvey Weinstein and his Hollywood cohorts using the age old “casting couch while hypocritically stumping for Hillary Clinton and claiming to “empower” women through contrived “ass kicking woman in tight pants” movies.

Beyond that, renegade non-SJW nerds such as myself were unanimously amused in the schadenfreude manner when humorless social justice schoolmarms like Joss Whedon were outed for their rampant infidelity, or the ongoing tally of anti-Gamergaters and “feminist allies” that have been caught sexually harassing, abusing, or occasionally even raping “m’lady” that they were supposed to be valiantly defending—and let’s not forget the classic examples of this happening.

While we all can point and laugh at this, it does raise a very important question that, as far as I am aware, has not received the sociological/psychological attention that it deserves. And that question is: why do so many male feminists come off as, and show themselves to be, complete creeps?

Now, just to clarify, when I use the term “male feminist”, I am not referring to a man who merely thinks that a woman can choose to have a career OR choose to be a homemaker and equality under the law and generally wants the sexes to both be convivial and content with their lot in life. I consider myself to be this and I presume most people reading this do as well. No, by “male feminist”, I mean the loud and obnoxious sort who denounce their fellow men for being masculine, get all giddy over any subversion to masculinity or a strong and dominant woman, go out of their way to be as unmasculine as possible, criticize works of fiction for not being sufficiently “woke”—in short, the sort of guy who refers to himself as a male feminist.

You can read the article here